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2011-04-05 06:35:05 by girwasx

well posted some swords and an m14 but dont know if i should do more swords or something else i always wanted to make a robot

not anything new

2010-10-04 19:40:27 by girwasx

i havent been able to make anything new because i really wanted to make a character with a weapon from a sidescrolling view but i cant find the right weapon or get a good place for hands

scouted again

2010-09-12 08:58:47 by girwasx

i was just scouted i guess for my recent art that was submitted


2010-06-29 11:59:23 by girwasx

i love drawing pistols so i made a new one a usp my favorite pistol

new art

2010-06-23 07:23:00 by girwasx

just made some gun 3 pistols 1 shotgun and 1 assault rifle


2010-06-13 19:26:16 by girwasx

just posted some Knights i made hope you enjoy all of the Knights are done on my DS

im done

2010-06-06 14:06:27 by girwasx

im finished with newgrounds if you want to see my pixel art got to pixel joint my account name is girwasx

taking a while

2010-06-05 02:07:26 by girwasx

since i have been doing those last 3 drawing straight i want stop for a little while because i want to beat stalker for the 5 time


2010-06-04 07:17:26 by girwasx

ok now im going to start my shotgun since its Friday hope its done by tomorrow


2010-06-03 07:09:36 by girwasx

i think my next creation in paint will be a shotgun but im not sure what type maybe the scattergun from tf2 but i want a more recent type of shotgun could anyone recommend a cool looking shotgun